Making Stuff and Things with Geek-Betty

Making Stuff and Things with Geek-Betty

I, like pretty much everyone else on the Internet, LOVEEEEE those carefully put together blogs that show a person’s life in perfect HD clarity, never a hair out of place, always neat, happy, and expensively curated.  I’m not kidding.  I do love those blogs.

Let’s be honest, how realistic is it?  I don’t know about you, but my life is nowhere near as picture perfect as all that.  And yet, I still make great food, craft my little heart out, read great books, and sometimes throw together a good looking outfit.  I’d say I fall in with 80% of women out there when I say that my life is messy, amiright?!

Okay, maybe I’m not your average garden variety mom.  Who is??  What is average in this day and age?  Sure, I have tattoos but apparently one in five people have tattoos now.  And yes, I’m a divorced single mama.  Let’s not go into the stats on that *cough*.  We’re a new generation of shakers, bakers, and homemakers, and we’re pretty damned rad if I do say so myself.

I’m here to tell you how it really is.  I’ll try things so you don’t have to.  I too am underfunded (hell, really broke at times), out of time, too impatient, just plain bad at following instructions, and I think it’s easier to cook with a beer in hand.  Don’t be scared, this will be fun!!

Let’s get shit done together!


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